All seconds SOLD OUT! THANK YOU!!

362 items with an average price of $15

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362 items with an average price of $15

As I write this we are 3 days and 21 hours away from the seconds sale.

The seconds sale is an exciting full on day for us here at Mystery Creek Ceramics and for anyone that visits us on that day.

The normal shop for browsing will be closed as the tables are all cleared off for the 362 items of imperfect heavily discounted ceramics. But click and collect of all normal (non seconds items) will be available. 

We absolutely cannot put seconds online and have always chosen not to. The photography process of each one would be massive and we don't have the capacity. Its an in person treat to be at the seconds sale.

A lot of people ask us why we have a seconds sale as often it can be seen as damaging to a brand to have seconds out in the world. We simply do it for the environment and for our super fans. It would hurt my soul to throw ceramics that can still function in the bin. There are a few other options but for our process selling them to our super fans is the best option for the planet and us. 

Our ceramics are also not discounted outside of the seconds sale day. The seconds day is special because it is the one day every year that you can get a Mystery Creek Ceramic Nerikomi item for a discounted price. 

I hope to see you on seconds sale day the 22nd of June