Kiwi Underglaze

Add Colour To Your Pottery

Lots of new and innovative ways to add colour to your own pottery including underglaze ink pads, underglaze pens, underglaze charcoals known as choxils, coloured slip, wax resist pens, coloured clay packs, glazing tools and goats hair brushes. 
Kiwi Underglaze

All Ceramics

Browse through our entire range of ceramics including the nerikomi range, the thrown range, the printed range and the wood fired range.
Each piece is a unique handcrafted piece of art that we hope you will treasure
Banding Wheels

Banding Wheels

Browse our range of banding wheels used for sculpting, forming and decorating pottery with ease
Bat Undrilled


These bats are designed to be either used on the wheel or to hand build work on for easy removal
Yellow Iron Oxide


Our range of bowls includes the nerikomi bowls in order from smallest to largest; petite bowl, tiny dish, breakfast bowl, pasta bowl and fruit bowl
As well as the four thrown bowls including the tiny thrown bowl, small thrown bowl, medium thrown bowl and the large thrown bowl
Rake Tiny CD2203

Carving Tools

Tools used for sgraffito, carving and removing clay from a work