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Nerikomi Christmas Decorations


Have a scroll through our range of Christmas themes mugs and nerikomi Christmas decorations to adorn your tree
Mac's Mud Studio White


Explore the range of Australian clays we stock including the brands Clay works, Keanes, Walkers and Feeneys Clay
These clays are of excellent quality and are used by Mystery Creek Ceramics in the studio
Handle Maker Large/Small

Clay Cutting Tools

Anything and everything you need to cut clay including clay wires, texture wires, cutting harps and pottery knives. 
Stainless Steel Ribs

Clean Up Tools

Tools used to scrape clay away from sculptures, thrown work or slip cast works 
Nerikomi Cutlery Holder

Cutlery Holders

The cutlery holder was designed to hold your wooden spoons and utensils on your kitchen bench while adding a pop of colour to your space
Also makes a great vase