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Small Sieve 80 Mesh


Sieves to be used when making clay, slips or glazes 
80 mesh and 40 mesh available
Slip Trailer 50ml Bottle

Slip Trailers

Tools used for drawing lines of slip on leather hard or bisqued pottery
Fine lines can be attained with the bottle trailer and the needle tip it comes with
Texture Brush CD2203

Texture Tools

Range of tools to create texture on your pottery work or do the famous scratch to attach technique
Wheel Gauge

Throwing Tools

Throwing sticks to be used on the inside of vessels when throwing, particularly useful when throwing narrow necked vessels
Throwing tools to create consistent trimming
Thrown Mug

Thrown Range

A range hand thrown on the wheel using coloured clays that includes wide and tall mugs, tumblers and a range of bowl sizes