My Favourite Creative Podcasts

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My Favourite Creative Podcasts

I absolutely love a good podcast. I listen to them on my morning walk with my dog Mack, in the studio when we are in full swing of production and in the car. There are so many great podcasts out there and I wanted to share with you my favourite creative podcasts that I await new releases for each week or refer back to when I'm feeling a bit creatively stuck. 

First up is my go-to podcast when it comes out every week:

Super Creative with Catie Dawson

This podcast is a banger. Great host, great guests, insightful questions and makes for all-round interesting creative conversations. Each episode leaves me with a key takeaway and many things to ponder, it's also a fun way for me to find more creative women lead businesses to support. 

Even our lovely MADE neighbour Found Store have been featured! Check out co-founder Liz Viviani's ep on how they're making connections and building a really cool community through their business here

For a more relaxing vibe I go to:

Creative matters by Mandy Jakich

These conversations are meandering and suit a more relaxed situation than when I'm pounding the pavement at six in the morning. The conversations are insightful with fascinating guests—a sprawling variety of artists. I have to say, I learn something new from every episode but especially love the takeaways from 3D artists—great episode on Oliver Cain in particular. 

When I need a kick in the pants:

The Professional Creative by Bonnie Christine

This is a great podcast that I often finish my walks on as I start to get down to the studio. I often find key learnings in this podcast right when I need them and it's always an inspiring reminder to me that "you can do it!"

Technical ceramic info:

For Flux Sake

This is my favourite practical ceramic podcast so far! So many of our material/skill related questions answered and Matt, Rose and Kathy with ceramic related banter...what's not to like? Also a constant reminder to test test test...

The Artwonk:

By Neville Parker

A good friend recommended this to me and recommended starting at the beginninggosh what a revelation! Neville goes through each facet of the artworld and breaks it down. When I get a bit lost or feel like I'm losing my footing I refer back to these episodes. As I'm writing this I've noticed heaps of new exciting interview episodes so I'll listen to these starting tomorrow. 

As I was looking around finding these websites I found two new-to-me podcasts that I'll start listening to. Art not Science from the Physics room in Christchurch sounds promising and Breaking Art: The Alchemy of Creativity and Commerce. To be honest - as soon as you mention the world alchemy to me I'm in. 

Do you have a creative podcast you think I should be listening to? Comment here, I would hate to miss out on good creative content. 

Also if you ever want to see my list of disaster and true crime podcasts let me know. Its always a toss up what to listen to. I largely save the scary ones until it gets light on the dog walk…..