November Announcements

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November Announcements

There are so many exciting things coming up for Mystery Creek Ceramics in 2024 and also in the two months we have left of 2023. 

So much has happened this year already and it really feels like we might reach hyper speed soon. 

In August we opened our flagship store at MADE Hamilton East. We absolutely love hanging out with you in person, chatting all things ceramics and showcasing our absolute rainbow of work. 

As we near the beginning of November a few things are starting to happen...

On the 4th of November MADE officially opens with all its gloriousness. 

In November we also launch the following:

  • Our very own pottery firing service
  • A new, refined and expanded way of teaching here at Mystery Creek Ceramics
  • Two subscription services for our epic products 
  • Our very own range of custom made glazes 

Busy doesn't really seem to cover it! Let's break it down bit by bit. 

The firing service 

Easy and convenient kiln firing with Mystery Creek Ceramics.

From November 1st we'll be offering a full firing service out of our store at MADE Hamilton East. 

What's great about clay is that you can get together with friends and create in your own home. We want to help you discover your creativity with clay without limits and since we already have all the supplies you need we thought - why not give you the option of the full service?

Whether you have a one-off clay event or would like to regularly fire with us, we'll have a system to suit your needs. Pop into our store to chat with us about this or check out the following link for all the information. 

A new way of teaching at Mystery Creek Ceramics

Alex, the founder and creative brain behind Mystery Creek Ceramics, is a passionate teacher. Clay found Alex in a rather unique way and changed the trajectory of her life in the best way possible. As a consequence of the somewhat unusual path Alex took to get to where she is today she is driven to share her knowledge, experience and passion for creativity. If you want to read about the wayward path Alex took, take a look at this link

While the path to Mystery Creek Ceramics was winding, the various careers and study Alex ‘tried out’ before finally making her way to art school has given her a very varied and useful skill set. 

Alex’s teaching approach is very technical when it comes to making ceramics. Particular methods to stable glaze chemistry and a scientific approach to developing and testing bodies of work has meant that Alex's knowledge in aspects of both functional and art based ceramics is broad. Alex loves helping you out with the tricky pottery challenges you're having. 

As well as a strong ceramic knowledge base Alex is passionate about helping you grow your ceramic passion, business, hobby or sculptural practice. What this looks like can be individual to you but could include critique, mentoring or product development guidance. 

This all leads to Mystery Creek Ceramics’ new three-fold way of teaching including:

  • An online community to connect with, ask questions, discuss all the ceramic happenings and a monthly online question session with Alex
  • A three month online winter school that will launch late May 2024. This will be available as one large three month course or individual online courses
  • Three weekend in person coloured clay workshops in the Mystery Creek production studio, spread over 2024

For more details on each of these options check out this link

Mystery Creek Ceramics Subscription Services 

We are excited to announce gifts that keep giving for an entire year. 

If you are as obsessed with our products as much as we are, or you're a keen potter who can never have enough tools then either or both of these services are for you.

The Makers Box - A pottery tool subscription

In our opinion you can never have too many pottery tools and this is a monthly gift to yourself and your pottery practice. Two to three pottery tools are delivered to your door every month with a note on how to use each one; the tool selection is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone and utilise a technique you may have never tried before.

Starting from $50 per month. 

The Ceramics Box - Start your Mystery Creek Ceramics collection

Whether you have lots of Mystery Creek Ceramics at home and want to add to your collection or you are just starting out, this box will help you do that. AT the start of each new month a new piece of Mystery Creek Ceramics work will be delivered to your door. You can choose from the following colour options: Natural, Black, Dark Blue, Pink or Light Green. New products that are added to the collections will come to you first and in December in the spirit of the holidays you will get two items. 

Starting from $55 per month. 

Both of these boxes can be found on our Patreon account.

Mystery Creek Ceramics on Patreon

Cone 6 and Cone 10 Glazes 

Here at Mystery Creek Ceramics we relish glaze chemistry, exploring new glaze surfaces and sharing our discoveries with you. After lots of enquiries about the glazes we use we'll be launching our very own glaze range! This is a project for us that will be unfolding over the next few months as we refine what we'd like to offer, but this makes it an epic opportunity for you to tell us what you'd like. Follow us on instagram for all the latest updates.